Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bitcoin Price Watch; Stop Loss Hit – Onwards!!! - Technologyday

Without doubt, Bitcoin is the most recognized and popular digital currency today; and with its value rising from less than $20 in January to almost $1,200 in December, it is for sure that it will only attract more hype and attention in the coming years. But unknown to many, there are still other crypto-currencies that are vying for relevancy, and just like Bitcoin, it does not physically exist and is also mined through solving complex mathematical algorithms.
Bitcoin Price - Onwards!


This perhaps is the second most popular e-currency next to bitcoin and has seen a staggering rise in value in the recent months. Litecoin is based on the Bitcoin protocol but requires lesser computing power to mine. Unlike Bitcoin which requires ASIC to mine, Litecoin can be mined efficiently by using standard computers because its algorithm designed by Dr. Colin Percival secures backup service for Linux and other open source OS.


This is also another offshoot from Bitcoin and acts as a decentralized DNS—the Internet protocol that turns human-comprehensible website names into addresses understandable by machines. It is decentralized because it is outside the governance of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers by acting as its own DNS.


Another offshoot of Bitcoin but with higher efficiency of mining, Peercoin has improved security and safeguard against abuses of pool mining. Peercoin has the fourth largest market cap among alternative digital currencies.


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