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why Apple is still the leading computer brands in the world

Apple Flaw "still keeps top position 1 thanks to the most modern technology ownership, system support and maintenance in the best quality
In the list of the hottest computer brand in 2016, Apple has overcome a series of other competitors and won the highest ranking score (83/100 point scale) over the 7 criteria: design (15 points), reviews (30 points), high technology (20 points), the warranty (5 points), software (5 points), creativity (10 points) and options (15 points).

Design (12/15)

From the traditional image of the long line of MacBook or MacBook Air is always grey aluminium frame and "bite the Apple" logo on the cover. Other than the laptop kept the old design, the 12-inch MacBook was launched with a completely different appearance with screen Retina (2015). This version offers more color options: grey Space, gold and silver.
In addition, the frame is covered in aluminium anodized machine, helps weight reduction to 2 pounds (about 0, 9kg), lighter than MacBook Air 13-inch model. Even, the company is also conducting a "step" the bold: eliminate most of the ports connected to the headphones Jack and a USB port Type-C.

Rated (28/30)

Again, Apple laptops are also rated the highest. In the classified version, only one unit received almost 4 stars while the 15-inch MacBook Pro received a perfect 5-star rating. The advantage of this product is to provide long battery life, good keyboard and touchpad. Line 12-inch MacBook also rated 3.5 stars by only 1 single connection port and the relatively high prices.

With a score of 92.75 in Tech Support Showdown contest (the contest is held annually to awarded to laptop manufacturers have good technical support services for) this year, Apple once again reached the highest point in the online support service. Customer service support over the phone to Apple's average call time is always less than 10 minutes due to the fully equipped professional knowledge and enthusiastic attitude.

Warranty (5/5)

Like many other brands, warranty period Apple's standard only lasted 1 year. However, the company is based in Cupertino, California offers to clients much more convenient support methods. If you stay near an Apple store, you can bring to the Genius Bar (poolside provide customer support service of Apple) to repair. In addition, you can send the broken equipment to Apple and the company will pay the shipping charges.

If do not want to lose much time, customers can contact Apple to get the installation instructions for details. And yet, the upgraded RAM or swap the storage drive does not reduce the effect of previous warranty.

Software (5/5)

Apple's software service even though there is not much change the always maintained strong.Customers using 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are using iWork software suite (Office suite), and a number of other multimedia software. IWork software bundle including Pages, Numbers and Keynote, available alternative to Microsoft Office. The iLife has gone but the iMovie and GarageBand (music software) was retained. Meanwhile, iPhoto has been replaced by the simpler name-Photos.

In 2015, the desktop operating system OS X El Capitan also added many new features, including the ability to show the window (windows) next to each other. The user can experience more functional directions on Apple's Maps, and find out the information: News, stocks and weather on the Spotlight.

Creativity (9/10)

In the year 2015, the 12-inch Apple MacBook is one of the most innovative products of this brand, with a weight of only 2 pounds (about 0.9 kg), provides more than 8 hours of use. And yet, the device owns the keyboard type Butterfly (butterfly) help better interaction, super sensitive trackpad and touch USB connection port Type-C new. The company also updated the operating system OS X comes a range of new functions: search by language, split screen and the graphics API.

Money and options (5/15)

The past year, the number of brand laptop just stopped in 5 products. The 11.6-inch model MacBook Air 13.3 inches and sized battery "Buffalo" but not integrated high resolution screen. The line MacBook 13 and 15 inches while the higher price Air line but owns the screen Retina sharp and have a more powerful performance. 12-inch MacBook is lightweight and high-quality screen but the weakest battery life and performance of only average.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide desktop version would own the latest CPU processor-Intel 6 "Skylake". Meanwhile, other opponents have integrated this processor immediately after launch. More likely the user will have to wait half a year more to experience the version contained on the new platform.

The phrase "cheap" not available in the Apple store: from the lowest priced MacBook to MacBook Air 11 inches has a starting price of $ 899 ($ 19.97 million). Meanwhile, all other products have reviews on 999 USD (22 million).

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