Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hyundai Elantra Sport 2017 expose, 557 million price

Hyundai has just launched a new version of the Elantra Sport 2017 has many upgrades, with the selling price of only 25000 USD (about 557 million).
Elantra Sport, also known as Avante Sport, family of fifth generation Elantra with more design beautiful appearance than the back and many more sports. The birth of the Sport lies in the plan strengthens the competitiveness of the car family Elantra.
This is also the version with the best performance compared to its sibling, thanks to the turbo engine 1.6-liter capacity. The front of the car also can be counted in more sports and many other good points expressed here was the top version of the Elantra.


Specifically, on the exterior the most catching point barrier before being redesigned. On the grille has a "Turbo". The angle of the intakes have also been modified. Fog lights LED form at the top of the inlet hole by horizontally instead of vertically, with a contour by chromium. The light remains the same shape Elantra but the lenses inside the layout. The main difference is that the LED light strip is placed in the center of the lens rather than running along the water lens.

Hit the eye to the side of the hull, skirt parts shows has been extended. While the profile of the wheel also changes with the la-zăng's new 18-inch size and tire size 225/40. While behind the wheel also has the remarkable new points. Tail lights like headlights have been reassigned to other lenses, with the C-shaped chandeliers and the LED lights are hidden deep inside the bottom of the glass. The bottom of the following barriers are also designed for sport.

The Interior

The inside is not the complete makeover but has many notable new points. Firstly, the Elantra Sport has a new flat with a rudder fairing is sewn just color and number buttons.

There is also the sports seats are upholstered with the Red sign with black color and icon Sport mounted on the backs. Need of leather and stitched border is also just.

Browse each. well enough to see the new version have the furniture more comfortable and attractive than other family versions Elantra.

Driving system

Elantra Sport is powered by a supercharged T-1.6-liter capacity, GDi, for a capacity of 201 horsepower. Comes with it's floor level 6 gearbox or dual gear cluster 7 levels with the transfer button.

Currently Hyundai still pretty tight-lipped about what performance information. But about mastering the car for that Sport can accelerate the Elantra from 0-100 km/h in 8 paper and can consume the fuel in the mixture with just 12 km/liter, meaning that about 8.4 liters/100 km.

Elantra Sport when the official market launch will be the direct rival of the driver model as the Honda Civic Sedan and the Mazda 3.

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