Monday, May 2, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo and 10 ultra super car "Summit"

Football not only brings Ronaldo passion, fame, wealth ... which is also the springboard for this star owned the village's most prestigious supercar driver box.

Although there were modest in an area intended for the working class in Portugal, is a gardener from time service, mother was a chef. However, with talent and effort, Cristiano Ronaldo-players in Real Madrid are payroll is one of the greatest players of the world football village
Can say, touching football deep into the blood of the captain of the Portuguese national team, right from a young age he was already acquainted with the ball and dropped also because of love with the ball. Over 8 years, Ronaldo joined the first team-Andorinha. Over 9 years CR7 signed first with the Club Nacional, before moving to the professional Sporting teams in 2001.

Ronaldo's career began to flourish when the boy entered the age of 16, with the skill of playing the ball perfect, you are the biggest CLUB in the world is Manchester United signed a contract with price 12 million.

Not long after the Portuguese player's reputation was confirmed in the village, while in the FA Cup final in 2004, Ronaldo scored three goals and help MU won the Championship that year. In 2008, Ronaldo was Manchester United signed up to 31 million in 5 years.

Become the pillar at MU, and get handsomely paid but at this CR7 felt "not fun", also in 2008 the uk continues to have tremendous contributions to the team when putting MU won the UEFA Champions League in 2008, he "always hold the title of player of the year by FIFA.

In 2009, Real Madrid have put Cristiano Ronaldo on the terrace of the Santiago Bernabeu from Man United with 131 million USD to break every transfer record at the time, making it the most expensive player on the planet.

At Real, Ronaldo became the highest paid player in the CLUB as well as the village of football, with a salary of 20 million Euros a year after tax. In addition, he is also the old name for the expensive brand, earning tens of millions of DOLLARS each year. Therefore, CR7 has facilities to invest for his hobby is applied to the super car.

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