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6 simple ways laptop radiator, no harmful effect machines

Summer weather cause laptop gets hot quickly when the activity too much. Apply the heat sink for the laptop during use will help avoid broken failure, CPU chips and increased longevity for the machine. 

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How simple laptop heatsink, the effect does not harm your
The laptop cooling in hot summer days this really is a necessity for many people, when they have to daily use of computers to handle the job in the company. To cool the computer help for latop increase longevity and avoid the phenomenon of broken chip or the CPU. To overcome the laptop gets hot, can consult the laptop cooler here.

1. place the laptop where the ventilation
A dedicated laptop desks to help get rid of the heat a lot better. Note put in the laptop cool, do not obstruct the fan of the cooling system. Some habits should be avoided when using it's latest laptop up objects retain heat surfaces like pillows, blankets, mats, ... and glass surfaces. They'll make venting holes as well as a fan of the computer being concealed and does not radiate heat out.
Put the computer where ventilation is one way a laptop in the radiator heat

To remedy this, users should let the computer neatly on the desk is the best. In cases like the comfortable use on the bed, can buy yourself a dedicated laptop desks to help get rid of the heat a lot better.

2. manually fix Itself
First of all, when select laptop purchase select laptops have cooling system efficient, convenient. Also, to note some points such as the radiator must heat the PHA no hands mouse, not cooling system layout right next to the battery, because the temperature will quickly reduce the battery, radiator system works according to the rhythm of the pulse level CPU and quiet operation, even in terms of CPU/GPU operates at maximum pulse rate pulse as watch movies HD , video editing, gaming, 3D graphics, ... If you have purchased a laptop and then still have a simple but effective, that is to high the underside up computer statistics, can use the rack or simply quotes a book in the following section, to for the surface under laptop, help better system radiator.

3. Use the radiator Empire
Empire radiator is an easy-to-implement solution for highly effective but during use. Moreover, the heat sink is the accessories out should not affect work performance of the system. However, this is also the downside of this method. Empire radiator not conducive to carrying on a business trip or travelling, more, because using the laptop's USB port through source, should also influence the amount of time the battery of your laptop.

4. Hygiene and radiator parts
When the dirt has filled the slot of the radiator and slab laptop will do to prevent the circulation of air flow, causing the laptop heats up when long term use. So, should the toilet xuyện usually laptop periodically, dust on the processor heat sink slots. Also, can combine obliterate radiator sealant to limit the laptop gets hot.

5. Auto radiator system mod left
Recently on the forum technology, there are a number of people have created many ways heat sink for the laptop, but the general requirement is to have certain experience and hardly to have optimal heat dissipation solution for myself. Also, remember the principle of heat dissipation for the laptop is "air from the inside out" rather than doing the reverse.

6. direct intervention from Windows
There is a very gentle intervention solutions immediately in Windows, which is reducing the pulse beat air through options in energy management section of the machine. Please say more, most laptops currently on the market have a good profile, and rarely take advantage of users off of the CPU processing capacity, so reducing the pulse rhythm when used for Office tasks or the common application will not affect the performance of the machine for the job. In return, the computer will cool, quiet operation and low cost more battery.

To do this, first click the report icon, battery level, charge in the system tray and choose More Power Options. In the Power Options window appears, in the package (plan) energy management are used (for example: Balanced (recommended), select Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings, and will appear in a table of Power Options.

In this table, the list of drop-out corresponding to the profile is enabled (active), click the Processor power management will have three State of the processor. At this point, need care to the Maximum processor state (maximum processing status), set at a level of 70-80% corresponds to the battery charger plug at at and for Core i3 processors midrange, i.e. adjust the pulse beats (as well as the capacity of processing) at the rate of 70-80% in comparison with the maximum capacity of the machine.

Then click OK or Apply to save the setting. From now on, the air will cool and quiet operation. Can verify directly with sensory or through software such as Everest. Of course, when the 3D rendering, video editing, 3D gaming crisis or handle these tasks require more computing capacity, you should switch to normal mode, to bounce around and beats the default for the machine.

The advantage of this approach is to reduce the noise level, cool air and save battery life. In addition, this easy to set up and intervene actively, by manipulating both the intuitive handling on Windows, no additional cost. However, this method reduces the performance of your computer, is not effective when the game or the graphics/video/heavy calculations (which require high pulse rate pulse).

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