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True service "girl gets 2 young drugged between HN

that promise Saturday, 16/04/2016 13:00 PM (GMT + 7)
On personal facebook, nicknamed "Tran Tr..." he was the victim was charm, hypnosis, accompanied that story gets 2 young stranger drug facilities, demanding the debt between the city center of the capital.
Real service employees gas plant being "hypnosis", cheat money
Last year the headline ' hypnosis ' the money bamboozled in Hanoi
Being monks wits "hypnosis" get clean money, gold

True service "girl gets 2 young drugged between HN"-1

The story gets two young drug collection, nicknamed "Tran Tr..." sharing made many people puzzled, worried. (Photo taken from Facebook)

"Two strange youths face drug collection, middle of the road"

The above information is the nickname "the ceiling ..." share on the night 13.4.2016. " Heard and read so many service people share about the accident, hypnotic charm should Tr. also took the experience prevent rather than never dared think today is a victim ", the nickname" the ceiling ... "for his stories on Facebook.

According to this nickname, sharing content about 17 hours on the same day, Ms. p. Kay street goes from Chewing to Doi. When to junctions Doi-Giang Van Minh (DOI ward in the Ba Dinh district, Hanoi), there are two young men hit talk. Then, she heard a strange noise, tr. as its polymer sheet of money.

Two young asked Ms. p. road to City Pride. However, she did not look the. two young and just responded "don't know".

Immediately she T difficulty breathing, feeling the eyes fade. Think you can stick out, Ms. p. hold their breath to not inhale more sedate.

True service "girl gets 2 young drugged between HN"-2

The story gets two young drugged, insist the debt be nicknamed "Tran Tr..." share publicly on facebook.

"Fall into the unconscious state, no control, folding brake his car on the curb, airport we drift up ahead of his range 5 m car. Themselves clearly see he is staring at his face and the guy behind the hands still van Pang something that spreads out the smoke layer (or dust) thin. Try to stretch your eyes to look for clear signs of its cars, but then keep eyes dimmed. And when it stops and towards the real panic ", the nickname" the ceiling ... ".

See the roads, sister p. "robber, robber" with the hope of getting some help but only with support in the throat. Two young stranger then approached Ms. p. and claiming the debt.

Some people are curious to ask, the two young men said Ms. p. hire them close home furniture but to the date of payment, Mrs. p. had to rent back the House, and moved away.

The people surrounding the suspects should ask two youngsters on the name, sister of Mrs. p.. At the moment, two young still comes out a name but I don't remember th. .. Then, suddenly there was a man called Mrs. p. is Constant pretend know. Thus, two young left and the next appointment will look to reclaim the money after the sister House.

Mrs. p. was the man brought into the Inn and blueberries feeding geese sorghum drink water before putting on. Do think the man help himself to be accomplices of the two young strangers should face on the way home she Tr. very fear. Only when set foot on to the House, Ms. p. knows men who help themselves is a good person.

Go find the truth of information "drugged women"

The story of the nickname "the ceiling ..." has attracted thousands of people to watch and share.Many facebook users expressed the haddix carries the worried after reading the lines share of this person. But these comments cast doubt on the information.

Before the comments doubts her information put out on the ceiling "nickname, 15.4, Tr..." the pressing: "the story I shared up above is just wanted to warn everyone know and precaution, vigilance. I'm not getting anyone to believe ... Don't you guys comment on the sentence, like question like, scam, listen to funny. I how to cheat your money? Buttons like there are feed address my family, for my children are milk box? "

To find out the real story on, PV has contact with the nickname "the ceiling ..." to find out information. However, this person refused to answer the information related to the incident, the affirmation, ready to work with the enforcement of Justice, because the law would like to find out the identity of the two young stranger had cause.

The nickname "the ceiling ..." adds, there are procedures for reporting police Doi. "my family are sent up the police. What we need now is to find those witnesses that day only, "she tells REPORTER.

True service "girl gets 2 young drugged between HN"-3

Police Doi rejected the information about a drug debt claims occur on 13.4 afternoon as her nickname "Tran Tr..." for sharing.

Exchange with the PV 15.4 dimension related to information the nickname "the ceiling ..." share, the powerful Nguyen-Deputy Head of public security Ward Doi said have not received any report about the incident on.

He also Strongly affirm, 13.4, at the junction of Giang Van Minh-Doi, police did not detect the work would like info nickname "Tran Tr..." for sharing.

"Initially identified, the information is unfounded because the

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