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TQ U60 millionaires abandoned property run by the call of love

He has removed Paint products Men Yao Ming's career in Spain about China.

Yao Ming South San, 57 years old, the Chinese dollar millionaires living in Spain has abandoned all products industry in Europe to follow the call of love from Zhejiang province. Mr. Yao Ming decided to spend all the rest of his life to live with the woman he loves.

Touching love story begins from a research expedition to the 2013 South San Yao Ming to his Van Hoa county, Zhejiang province. Here, he and friends were amazed at the scene painted cards and take a lot of pictures a souvenir. At preparing out about, they discovered that the last bus has left the dock. No longer a choice, research group are knocking on the door of a House and please stay.

The host is her Saving Rate Raising enthusiasm to welcome the stranger and tell them to stay for free that night. Mr. Yao Ming South San very touching her kindness Saved before should have spent that night sitting talking with Mrs.

In the conversation, Mr. Yao Ming to know that she Saved a life very difficult: she has anemia is rare and her husband died of stomach cancer, leaving her huge debts. However, she Saved none complained about the current life. Despite the existing problems, she's still very optimistic and London. This unshakable heart of he South San Yao.

TQ U60 millionaires abandoned property run by the call of love-2

After many years, Mr. Yao ming has rediscovered his true happiness.

A month after the trip, Mr. Yao Ming South Paint back to the remote village and revealed her feelings to save Suicidal Rate. Ms cleverly refused because did not want to cause difficulties for Mr Yao Ming due to economic burdens are carried on the shoulders. Finally, Mr. Yao Ming South San "confession" itself is a millionaire and Jiang hands to help her pay off the debt.

He Yao San Men then returned to Spain, handed out products for children. Initially, he thought that his father had a problem but after flying to China, seeing the happy smile of his, they admit to their father in the back.

On 25.11.2015, he Saved her, crank the retrieved Dieu pants around your friends neighbors constellation. Mr. Yao Ming built a small Inn in the village and took the source of income from which to feed themselves. She can also Save thanks to the Inn to make money to pay part of the debt.

TQ U60 millionaires abandoned property run by the call of love-3

The happy pictures of two grandparents.

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