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The new news service pour medication into the pot mouse dog meat restaurant in the hood

Spicy talk call lost while those wins back money to eat dog surgery should Force arise intention medication to poison.
Pour the medication into the pot mouse dog meat to poisoning neighbors

The latest information received, the reporter does criminal-police of public security in Henan province have the decision to prosecute accused for Zhang Wen (age 53, stay at the hamlet 1B, Spring Township District, HA Nam province) about the murder.

According to the documents of the investigation, about 8 h on April 6, after breakfast, to a house in the same neighbourhood to play then all brunch of gambling in the form of play. The Group has 5 people including Hong Tran Tuan (32 years), Zhang Ming Sang (44 years old), Red (33 years old) N, Truong van Lam (35 years old) and Tran Xuan (46 years old), in the same neighborhood in 1B.

Power of gambling and lost in a row, then he had to "the" add a bird cage, mobile phones, bicycles and a dog but still lost.

The new news service pour medication into the pot mouse dog meat restaurant in the hood-1

The written Account object. Photo: Thuy Minh

Back home in the afternoon, can't sleep because of pity. He's as mad as the same day afternoon groups know gambling general operating funds, will the dog to eat. Part because of the spicy part, unfortunately for the OWL that the objects were together cheater to expropriate the property of him, bouncing Force intended to murder those who gamble.

With evil thoughts, about 10 h on the same day, to a store in the same town to buy two packages of drugs kill the mouse. To avoid detection, object access by pretending to buy shrimp sauce and discharge into the House of anh Tuan-where are organized slaughtering dogs.

Initially, the force has been a piece of dog meat and were these people agree. then continued back home Katie second to create a pretext to bring the sauce shrimp and happy dog.

The new news service pour medication into the pot mouse dog meat restaurant neighbors-2

The kitchen scene where Zhang object Forces the text quit the mouse on pot dog meat. Photo: Tan

Advantage at all to Italy, the object down the stove and then pour the drug package on dog meat in the pot is cooking. Due to the rush, drop the stupid Force brandishing the pot, forming a huge noise.

Then, he ran into the kitchen to see a Norwegian couple Tablet mouse under the floor has a fixed upper respiratory arrest people around.

In this case, there are at least six victim narrowly escaped death.

According to learn are known, family economic force, Written Accounts. Wife Force go labour abroad.At the time made the offence, he lives with three children, consisted of 2 girls, 1 boy in his home country.

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