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The Ministry of health requires long hospital fees for female students were sawing the legs

Before the reflections of the saw foot hurt (by the doctor not be rerouted in Dak Lak) about getting "plastered" orthopaedics BV's request to pay hospital fees amount to 23 million for two treatments, the Health Ministry asked the Department of health of the province free of the costs , healing and foot mounting fees for female students.
>> family hurt leg saw fret about the hospital charges
>> Ministry of health promises free treatment and care make the hurt leg saws
poor doctor professional >>, class 10 is a sawing the legs
Accordingly, the evening of March 4, Mr. Tran QUY Tuong, Deputy Director of Department of clinical management, the Ministry of health has signed a dispatch sent Dak Lak Province Health Department about assisting patient costs for females born Le Thi Ha Vi-district hospital who were Homeless Kuin not for transit , lead to sawing treatment to late March.

According to DR. wall, not the new Health Ministry now requires the Department of Health Aids support, reduction of the costs of examination and treatment, the leg Assembly for sick people, that from 17/3 when information about this incident is reflected, the Ministry of health has requested this issue.

When receiving information about the incident, the Minister of health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien also visited patients, promised to free the entire cost of treatment, the leg assembly. Moreover, the Health Minister also promised, if the girls have aspirations, the Range of medical disciplines will create conditions to this female students enrolled at a suitable medical facility and create conditions of employment.

Related to the above, the Department of Health Aids then press conference apology patients Le Thi Ha Vi and his family and promised to pay the examination fee, mounting foot for the patient.

However, shared with the press, patient family Vi extremely anxious when getting "fillers" from the Hospital of Orthopaedics Ho Chi Minh asked to close the 23 million hospital fees for both treatments.

Patients argue that the charge of "collection" is not justified because the medical industry has promised to worry all costs of treatment for children. The family said, until now still have not received any of the money from the medical industry as well as Dak Lak hospital Cu Kuin as earlier promises.

Concerned about the incident, Mr. Doan Huu Long, Director of the Department of Health Aids, said: The worry about hospital charges for you, the medical profession has done while you're staying in the hospital district of Cưkuin, Dak Lak Province hospital, Cho Ray Hospital orthopedic hospital, HO CHI MINH CITY and HO CHI MINH CITY rehabilitation shall exempt hospital fees including the cost of fitting the foot.

"While you're treating orthopedic hospital and rehabilitation of SAIGON because of the family for my nephew is in the room of requirement should hospital fees that hospitals collect that is collecting the money of the room required. This amount is not the usual hospital charges amount when the promise of the medical industry that it was requested by the family. The hospital is only free for you if the patient is in the room often, treatment is in the room on request, the hospital has a separate regulation, as requested by the family, the family must pay, "Mr. Long said.

Before explaining on the examination Bureau, request the Director of the Department of Health Aids urgently to verify information, to report on the implementation of the Bureau paid medical expenses for females born Le Thi Ha Vi during the treatment process before June 25/4.

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