Friday, April 15, 2016

The first camera to use the "night vision" at the Temple of Hero

the assassination was assembled to ensure security for the Festival

Exchange with REPORTER, Colonel Hà Minh Tan-Vice Director of public security of Phu Tho Province, head of the Security Subcommittee of the Mighty Temple Festival, said the entire city police force Viet Tri has been mobilized with the support of the police, and the surrounding district to ensure security for the Festival Temple of Hero in 2021. Besides the Festival Security Subcommittee also received support from the Ministry of public security, Ministry of transport, with a total of 1000 people is over. The goal is absolute safety before, during and after the end of the Festival of the temple.

The first camera to use the "night vision" at the Temple of Hero-2

Traffic police force held the remote traffic, ensure security for the Festival

"This year we installed more security cameras in 50 Viet Tri City and inside the relic to campus to assist ensuring security, including many infrared camera can look at night. In addition to force the plug latch, in uniform, we also arrange casual wear reconnaissance, available everywhere in and out of the Temple of Heroes to track objects pickpockets, robbery of property, "Colonel Tan said.

Phu Tho Province police force also promotes the management, closely tracking the criminal object, the object works as "deviant", taking advantage of the time Festival organizers to propaganda against ... In addition, the work of fire prevention, combating terrorism also were planning to ready to handle.

The first camera to use the "night vision" at the Temple of Hero-3

The people who participated in the Festival security knowing tighten security work

Colonel Tan said, since the 5.3, the traffic police force began serving festive traffic flow, combined with the neighboring localities as Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, SOC son, Tuyen Quang, Son La, Yen Bai to organize traffic from a distance. In particular, the large payload vehicles, fire substance car shipping ... will not be traffic on the main roads through the area of Phu Tho that must go into the street to avoid.

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