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Surprise when "Vietnam" appeared in the Premier League.

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18g45 seconds, 9/4 (now Hanoi) to here, there will be a surprise for the Free fan when watching the match between West Ham United and Arsenal (live on channel K +).
This is Matchday 33 Premier League between the teams into London, a very fascinating derby when United, Westham is currently ranked # 6 on the charts, are of lower resolution embraces 3 points to feed hope win tickets UEFA Champions League the following season (inferior teams ranked 4 Manchester City 3 to the right). Meanwhile, the master game, COACH Arsene Wenger needs a victory to foster hope, though very fragile, further pursued Leicester City in the race to the League Championship.

However, in terms of the team's two in the stage today, "lang, who eight half pounds", should the team win is also very difficult to predict. The fans have the right to wait in a dramatic battle with the unexpected coming from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In particular, the pleasure and surprise of the fans will be more human to see the words "Power LED Fiber-Made in Vietnam" with the familiar red of the same Optical Power brand series appears on the electronic boards run on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium.

Surprise when "Vietnam" appeared in the Premier League – 1

System of modern Optical Power test

Dien Quang light is present in most families. Slogan "where has the power, in which the optical Power" familiar to consumers, not just the goal striving of the optical Power that is the Free consumer validation on a large market share of this business after more than 40 years. Most recently, with the series "LED-illuminated new era" held in 3 major cities, the optical Power once again scored when contributed to the awareness of Vietnamese consumers geared to high-tech lighting products Free brand ensure the safety factor , to save, to protect the environment.

With long Optical Power at least related to football. In the cell Photosynthesis does not have his "vote" at all. With the round ball, the fans seemed to Optical Power is the layman, so getting rid of the big budget to promote the brand on Premier League Soccer, making more than surprise surprise!

Surprise when "Vietnam" appeared in the Premier League-2

Photo illustration program

Talk about the form of the Vietnam business promotion in the Premier League, marketing experts said that this is not a new form in the world, but with free enterprise, is how daring marketing. The Premier League has the power in every record in the world, with 20 countries in Europe bought the rights to broadcast. Estimated Westham United and Arsenal match will have about 800 million people watched over the small screen around the planet, so promoting on the soccer field don't you just approach to introduce more products out of world markets, that's how fast brand , effective. Also because of this, the line to win a footer ad position on the English yard, as the matches of the team of supporters up to millions as Arsenal, is so encouraging.

Surprise when "Vietnam" appeared in the Premier League-3

2014, the optical Power has invested necklaces pastes LED chips according to the most modern technology of Japan worth more than 30 billion

Unlike a few businesses have been using this form only to promote the brand, brand Free international integration; with Optical Power, here is the first step in the strategy of bringing the optical Power LED to the EU market difficult but full of potential. Currently, each year, the optical Power for about 300 new products, of which ½ is the LED types. Optical Power brand products have been exported to 30 countries and territories. To be sure than to his steps, in 6 months, in addition to the launch of the project "research and production of equipment for lighting, LED super bright chip and high-tech electronic device" with a total of nearly 600 billion capital into HO CHI MINH CITY hi-tech Park, Optical Power has continued with research units the country's leading training, to promote the application of technology to increase the amount of gray matter in the products bearing the brand of optical Power. 

Quietly prepared for a journey deep integration with the world, the true Optical Power created is a surprise. Football fans will be proud when "Power LED Fiber-Made in Vietnam" continued red on the match against Sunderland-Chelsea on the pitch at the Stadium Of Light on h and 07/05. But pride will not stop at that, by "Optical Power LED-Made in Vietnam" will certainly be present at the European market in the future not far away. 

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