Saturday, April 16, 2016

Relatives fainted at the scene of the 9 students drowned

At the scene, many parents because the pain before his son's death should have carpet cry, someone fainted

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The unexpected action of man after saving drowning boys
A man in Chongqing had made many people don't act out unexpectedly after the successful rescue of a boy who nearly drowned.

Bicycle and clothing of students left on the shore. Photo: HO CHI MINH CITY public security

17 h: As reported on youth, Mr. Tran Ngoc (Chairman Ad) were present at the scene of the incident.Some pupils go with 9 victims but not the river bath are also functional forces asked details about the incident.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Van-Vice CITY of Quang Ngai police information on a newspaper, when the problem occurred, have all 11 students in the same group (3 male, 2 female), only 2 girls on shore.

In the scene, bikes, clothing, and shoes of the victims remain on shore. Relatives of the children the pain cry carpet set.

9 students drowned deplorable all grade 6B school Means Ha (Index.php).

The domestic press for or, when bathing, the student has the hands together to dance down the water and then to be drowning, death.

Photo: Colonization

The age newspaper said, Le Quang Ngai Committee Written Signature was present at the crime scene the student died chasing to share losses with the family.

In addition, Mr. Vo Van Duong, Vice Director of public security of Quang Ngai province also directed the search function forces the victim.

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