Friday, April 15, 2016

North Korea may try to "cure the infamous"

After the failure of a medium-range missile launch yesterday 15/4, Korea will probably conduct the fifth nuclear test in the next few weeks, aimed to make an impression before the continental shelf Convention in early May to Reuters, led to the international experts.
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The Congress of the workers party of Korea is expected to take place in early May to, so the Korean leader, Kim Jong-un is said to be trying to "score" with the achievements of capacity development the country's weapons. So, of course, he doesn't want to welcome this event by a rocket launch failure.

Reuters leads to a senior official of South Korea's security policy for that: "North Korea might conduct a nuclear test again at any time if Mr. Kim Jong-un decision".

This official said that the missile launch failures as possible increases the likelihood that he will order the Metal conducts the fifth nuclear test. Does the South Korean military has been put in a State of high alert to prevent the risk of Pyongyang continuing to try the missile or nuclear tests.

Michael Elleman, a missile is about international experts in America, that Korea will soon conduct a nuclear test. An Chan-il, former Korean military officials and now is head of a research organization in South Korea, saying that North Korea missile test despite consecutive defeats with the desire to improve, however, the Congress of the workers party closing meant that Mr. Kim Jong-un is not patient enough to wait for the opportunity to make an impression. "What will happen if North Korea back to the Musudan missile launch and again failed. That would be very bad, so I believe that coming to Korea will most likely conduct a nuclear test ".

However, space expert John Schilling back to that North Korea will not conduct a service launch again until the skills issues, and at least a few months.

38 site North of global Research Institute Johns Hopkins University led the satellite image indicates, in about 5 weeks has detected smoke up 2 to 3 times in a radioactive fire experiment in Yongbyon nuclear bases of Korea. Sources said that North Korea may be in progress or in preparation for an important activity and is probably 5 times nuclear test.

The comment above was launched after North Korea test fired medium-range missiles on the birth anniversary of Kim Il-Sung song leaders attempt failed. South Korean and u.s. officials said the rocket exploded after leaving the launch pad. According to the experts and the Ministry of Defense of South Korea, the missile launch yesterday may be the Musudan with range more than 3,000 km and is said to have never experienced a test launch.

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