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Monte Carlo: Nadal-Murray, can or can not.

Nadal-Murray (2), the semi-finals of the Monte Carlo, 18 h, 16/4

8 times winner Monte Carlo earlier in his career, only the title for the first time comparable to the 9th thirst crowned in Monaco of Nadal at this time.

The trophy of the 2005 Monte Carlo Masters 1000 titles, the first in the industry is also beginning to Rafael Nadal in the history of the village of assorted felts a legendary name. From young boys that year, Nadal has gradually dismantled is a monument of the world of tennis, but he is still not want monument closed his career.

Monte Carlo: Nadal-Murray, may or may not-1

Victory for whom?

At age 30, Nadal himself and many people believe that "Gaur" still capable of adding to his collection of major titles. But the realization, the Spanish tennis players need to pass this landmark stage on the road to find yourself.

Last year, one decade after stepping out of the light, the first time Nadal had to experience the feeling of "passport under". Not Masters 1000 is not the Grand Slam season, traumatic disaster has rung the warning bells about competitiveness culmination of Rafa.

With strong personality, of course, "Mr. King on clay" don't give up. The positive signs gradually back with Nadal from the start this year: no longer the anxieties about the injury, have more than the victories over top 10 (as before Wawrinka in the quarterfinals).

But all the things that will have meaning if the missing ones. Opportunities are open to Nadal in Monte Carlo when rivals England and the whole world is afraid – Djokovic eliminated and Federer stop step yesterday by Tsonga.

The biggest obstacle for Nadal on the way to conquer would be Murray in the semi-finals. No. 2 seed despite admitting always difficult to adjust to playing on clay recently led a high level was gaining Raonic "expose" the difference 2-6, 0-6.

Nadal has repeatedly crossed the Murray (16/22) but in the most recent encounter on clay in Madrid last year, British tennis players who enjoy the full pleasure.

Murray is now no longer tired Nadal as before anymore since Rafa suffered maltreatment of trauma.The problem is in the fight of this defense, who will be the more enduring.

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