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Many martial arts world tournament in Saigon

The morning of March 4, in HO CHI MINH CITY have held a press conference to introduce the international martial arts festival HCM 2016 (2016 IMAF HCMC) and announced a major donor.International martial arts festival in HO CHI MINH CITY HO CHI MINH CITY PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE organized by 2016 under the auspices of the world Martial Arts Association (WoMAU), the event is geared to celebrate 70 years of tradition of the sports industry in Vietnam, 40 years of the city bearing the name.

Many martial arts world tournament in Saigon-1

HO CHI MINH CITY martial arts festival promises have Muay Thai matches, fiery traditional martial arts

According to information from the organizers, the international martial arts festival HCM 2016 reunited 12 international martial arts Union (South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, France, ...) with 12 martial, along with 15 unions, Ministry of Vietnam's martial arts.

The event will take place from 22/4 to 24/4 at 3 locations: Army gymnasium, ton Duc Thang University and the Opera House. The content includes performances, martial arts, martial arts international Cup competitions HCM program and international martial arts seminar.

Private international martial arts Trophy competition of HCM in the framework of the Festival there will be 2 main content is performing martial arts competition ('s technique) and competed in the ring fighting. In particular, the content played antagonists will have 6 matches for the 2 traditional martial and Muay Thai. The top martial artist of Thailand and Vietnam will impinge in match 4 Muay Thai promises exciting and dramatic.

Share in the press, representatives of the organizers of the international martial arts festival HCM 2016, says Mai Ba Hung – Deputy Director of Department of culture-Sport HCM for or: International martial arts festival "HCM 2016 with HO CHI MINH CITY martial arts subject-essence, integration and development is cultural events sports, importance of HCMC, in honor of the cultural values and essence of martial arts.

This martial arts festival is also international events aiming to attract domestic and foreign tourists, to meet the needs of world integration, contribute to affirming and empowering for the city name.This also is an opportunity for us to showcase, promote the martial arts of Vietnam as traditional Kung Fu, Vovinam to the friends in the world, is the occasion for the people of the country can live and learn the martial art, the cultural from various countries in the world. "

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