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Scroll, martial arts
Tue, 12/11/2011-16:09 — azkvn
Have 1 guy one day are going to pick up the butter tube stone leaves picked 1 scroll.

Is the upper school martial arts facilities should admit him hide brought home to read.

Page 1: description of Kung Fu. Can call rain wind. The poison. Take one up the pinnacle of martial arts.

Page 2: need new supply can work ...

After an Islamic prejudice the thinking. He resolved to waxy self to swing down.

Redirect treatment
Mon, 12/10/2011-15:22 — khanhlynguyen1
The doctor told the patient: "He gets the flu, should patiently wait out the illness. The winter people susceptible without smoking something cured "
Enteric fever patients:
-But he must recommend that I do?
He tried the cold water bath-half hours, wrap the thin scarf belly run outdoors about tens of minutes.
-Then I'm swelling lungs take?

Students today
Sun, 12/09/2011-10:33 — Central _ _ 123
-The teacher think is inappropriate here to sleep. I can go home, sleep!

-Okay, Sir, Sir, we wish you and the teacher just said a little small!

- !!!!!

The fourth!
SAT, 12/08/2011-14:21 — Naidu Workshop Di
A group of students go on a motorbike, running the car on the road, the police blew, the group stopped.

The police ask: "why would they dare to escort three without premium hats? Know so is violating traffic laws or not? " 

The Group panic back to look behind and shouted: "where is the fourth dead father Dead gone!!!"

Police:!!!??? Turn heads

To the teacher must also go crazy
SAT, 12/01/2011-08:58 — raymond5986
Teacher: You let know the Moon or the Sun farther away than?
Trivia: the Sun is far from over.
Teacher: why?
Trivia: why Originator's My mommy?
Teacher: no, why?
Trivia: why Ying's Hoang Phuc!
Teacher: No, the master is Why it.!
Trivia: Why? Oh! Why DBSK's.
Teacher: Oh, I have to do?

His dose
Tue, 11/27/2011-20:17 — mcjambi
A student play about the claims with all rooms:

Eventually there's daughter who dare her dose because of me. Limp limp the whole room:

-One small, so you would say the story?

-Small Pink side uses layers rather than one!

-Small talk with you?

-Young said "Love you? I would rather kill than ".

Any ball type
Mon, 11/26/2011-18:14 — kunayks123
In response to problem: contest 1
GV: On 1 500 aircraft SIG,
fall 1 question there Bureau the Bureau?
HS: easy too! Bureau of 499
GV: how in 3 steps remove the đc
the elephant into a refrigerator?
HS: B1: B2: linen cabinets open stuffed elephant on

I co ...!
Fri, 11/23/2011-01:04 — dctrong242009
Before teaching physics, sports Weather Center told her both class:

Her mind: when the teacher asks that all must hand off nhe. who does not know then co finger again.

HS: Yes!

In teaching sports, there are 10 other teachers to attend. She is the heart of the question: 

Why the car is moving?

Both classes are hands on.

Thu, 11/04/2011-11:35 — dangvantuan_bp
Had a guy loved unilaterally a girl but not daring to speak out.

Why is discounted
Thu, 11/04/2011-09:30 — nhan_han77
-Cleaning brushes are a trend of international economy very chi stagnation and pace, and inflation, the higher the voltage.

-Discounted is the lifestyle of the people and the significant, just like sitting in a Chair, sipping cafe, play cricket in adversity or Empire.

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