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Innocent people suffer ... revenge by gasoline bombs at dawn

tactile memories because of lost youth groups, together they instituted gasoline bombs found 2 bottles of the Hungarian gas supply for youth groups on revenge.
Pacification: a Vice President Ward petrol bombed
The gasoline bomb, threatening to kill the House to reclaim 200 million
Arrested 4 subjects brunch gasoline bombing burned home opponents

Innocent people suffer ... revenge by gasoline bombs at dawn-1

The police agency investigating the Cam Ranh City police executed a warrant Financial detention Win

16.4 days, information from public security Cam Ranh City (Khanh Hoa) said, the Agency has just served the decision to prosecute accused detention order 3 months for 4 objects used firebombs to attack a people in Cam Ward made Benefit victims were 55% permanent disability.

The subjects include: martial Into Account (also called Your Win, born in 1993, stay Profitable, Cam Ward, Cam Ranh), Nguyen Van Hieu (often called the three ships, born in 1991, stay Positive, Cam Ward, Cam Ranh), Ngo Quang Minh (nickname potato, born 1992) and Yangming (also called Weight Rim, born 1992) and stay in the ward Orange Ghost Cam Ranh City. All four subjects were the detention of behavior deliberately causing injury.

Petrol bomb attack occurred at daybreak people 14.1 P. Orange Favor puzzled. Accordingly, at midnight, the victims are lying asleep suddenly besieged by both the petrol caught fire as the flames.Prior to this, the entire police force investigating the Cam Ranh was unleashed on the CITY. After 3 months the critical half-object classification, the police have found clues.

Accordingly, from the contradiction of groups Your Guest Fill Eight groups Chase (unknown background) in Ho Chi Minh City, Cam Ranh. When chasing the Orange Township to the East, Sheng hit Ho Chi Minh City, the Group of Cam Ranh were group Eight Fill back user macrochirus, machete hit makes Your team Win lost to flee.

Doubt P.T.V. (stay ward Cam Benefit) provided to the Group of Eight gas Fill hung should be up 13.1, curious, pendulous, to get home and planned to attack the P.T.V.

About 3 hours on Your team, to 14.1 front of house number 309 Pham Van Dong (Cam Ward) that P.T. V rent, discovered two people sleeping on hammocks before Instant Home Search 2 bottles of beer, withdrew from car petrol petrol bomb machines.

Empress used lighters, gasoline and 2 bottles thrown into the magnet the 309 home made gas bottles in hot tossing on fire. 2 workers for British Permanent Bowl V was P.T. school and Le Phuoc you are sleeping on hammocks awaken, around the fire. He was explosive gasoline bottles right under both the hammock as the torch run to the other side of the road, then fainted. He Blessed discovered up put out the fire on the people.

Saw 2 fin fire victims, a group of mainland fled back home to sleep. At this hearing the term permutation coral should wake people quickly take you to school emergency status in severe burns.

Solving process, the investigators froze several times because both victims which gentle no contradiction or grudge with anybody. The time of distress at dawn so no one spotted the suspicious object.

However by professional measures together with the information from the populace, the biography of the object causing the project has gradually revealed.

With the documents and evidence collected, on 14.4, CSDT agency public security Cam Ranh city has executed a warrant of detention 4 stated object, in which the Member is identified as the object.

Through the struggle, police agencies determine more Member is also the audience participation in a guillotine people right in front of Cam Ranh hospital Portal makes 3 other people seriously injured.

Phong Dinh

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