Friday, April 15, 2016

Fatty Ming not guilty the first day in court

As news, 10 h am on 15.4 (now American) actor and comedian Fatty Ming was brought to the jail Orange County Central Men Jail in Santa Ana.

Fatty Ming not guilty on the first court-1

Very East reporter present in court

Before the opening of the trial, many reporters and the media in California available front court to Messenger. 

The reporter as well as those interested in the case not be available directly in the impeachment Court only at that track the work through the outer screen. In the impeachment session today, in addition to Proving fat 94 other defendants. Fatty ming was the Saturday 82.

Fatty Ming not guilty in the first trial day-2

Fatty Ming after the steel mesh. Beside Fu Attorney, lawyer Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chief Justice and Attorney Tony Rackauckus. (Photo: N shooting through the TV screen in the Court).

At the impeachment, the fat behind the screen mesh steel, outside is a Vietnamese interpreter, Fu lawyer and lawyer Nguyen Anh Tuan-represents the suspect, and Chief Attorney of Orange County, Tony-Rackauckus, representative of the prosecution.

The trial lasted only five minutes, from 11h44 minutes to 11h49 minutes. The result exactly as predicted by the previous Attorney, Proving the crime not Fatty. The judge also retains his bail level is 1 million USD ($ 22 billion).

According to Mr Taylor who present Courageous elected directly in the first impeachment trial of fatty Ming-then this actor is the special case when there are high levels of foreign currency at more than 10 times higher than normal. The reason by the Court concerned the ability of fatty Ming will flee.

Fatty Ming not guilty in the first trial day-3

Fatty Ming not acknowledge 3 charges by the Court

According to dung, barrister for Fatty Ming tried to persuade Chief Justice reduced bail to the actor the opportunity to guarantee, and voluntarily delivered the passport of intelligent Fat to ensure the actor did not flee before the Court. But the Chief Justice did not accept the reduction of the amount of money in foreign exchange.

Lawyers representing Fatty Ming Fu, lawyer in Combination Fu and Attorney Anh Tuan in Garden Grove. It is the lawyers are Proving Fat family arrangements, instead of the Attorney is appointed American courts before.

Fatty Ming case will continue, with the first session will take place on day 13.5, to either side of the defense and prosecution attorneys mediation form. The session, which took place on the day of the trial, to 10.6 see enough reason to bring the actor Fatty Ming out before a jury or not. 

Comedian Fatty Ming, real name is Hong Quang Minh, arrested in Garden Grove, Orange County on 24.3 and confined in prison As Jail, Orange, with the accusations of pedophilia and attempted lewd acts with minors.

25.3 days, Fatty Ming was indicted with three charges: oral sex with a male teenager under 18 years;acidosis has a lewd act with a child under the age of 14, dating to meet projected lewd acts with minors.

Updated service bride 8 years full of suicide. Showbiz News Free on the first hearing of the fatty Ming after the latest arrest. Song joong Ki and Madly play with Song Hye Kyo descended the Sun last set.

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