Friday, April 15, 2016

China brazenly put 16 fighters until Paracels

China has implemented flagrant number of great fighters unheard to Woody island in the Paracel Islands of Vietnam, a us Defense official said.
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Unidentified u.s. officials told Stars and Stripes that China has taken 16 advanced fighter aircraft J-10 to the island of Phu Lam today 7/4. According to him, the deployment of large numbers of such "not precedent", although this is not the first time Beijing illegally bringing the fighter to Phu Lam.

Action on China's conflict with the commitment of President XI Jinping that not militarized, a statement which he launched during a visit to Washington, d.c. (USA) year.

Us officials said the deployment, along with the construction of the level set of artificial island in the East Sea, threatening stability in the region. Washington has repeatedly urged China not militarized.

The Pentagon had previously confirmed the deployment of small numbers of fighters to Phu Lam in November last year and, more recently, in February this yea

In addition, the new information that Pentagon officials have been suggesting China has to strengthen the military are in Phu Lam.

The satellite photograph of ImageSat company apparently shows a fire-control radar system in Phu Lam, which could allow China to use the surface-to-air missile system that the country illegal deployment to that feedback. Satellite imagery showed the missile system in the eastern side of the island, with several missiles in position to fire.

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Hui March Parliament defiantly claimed that Beijing "are implementing the limited defense equipment, necessary on their territory".

Us Defense Secretary Ash Carter is currently on a visit to the Philippines, where he will visit the bases that the Us viewed as having an important role in order to cope with the expansion of China in the South China Sea. The base is located in the Spratly Islands, where Beijing has more than 1100 hectares of land accretion to the shoal into artificial islands, about 160 km to the East.

Mr Carter said the u.s. will invest and deploy troops to rotate the base of the Philippines.

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