Friday, April 15, 2016

3 owls "sneaks", Federer yourself.

After the injury, Roger Federer is back and making the fans be assured by two previous winning Garcca-Lopez (second round) and Bautista Agut (3rd round) in the Monte Carlo 2016. However in encounters with opponents "have had number Gopher" No. 8 seed Tsonga of France, the "bullet train" ran off the tracks.

3 owls "sneaks", Federer yourself-1

Federer is not wise when using his "sneaks" in important moments

In the first set Federer still won the second set 6-3, Tsonga balance ratios with 6-2 victory. Step into the deciding set, the "bullet train" to take the break in game 11th hinges, which lost to 5-7.

Lost with the score 1-2 (6-3, 2-6, 5-7), Federer in the quarterfinals, Tsonga promptly pay such debt lost to Federer in the quarterfinals at Monte Carlo in 2014.

Everyone noticed, Tsonga played better than Federer in this match, but if the "bullet train" clam chiu and more careful in decision situations, things might have been different.

The most typical, in the final game of the match, the French tennis player holding the ball, Federer stood before the break when he won the opportunity to rise to a 30-0 lead. However, due to his use of ham "sneaks" World No. 3 had to pay the price.

All three situations Federer entered the yard when the charged ball when ball opponents 2 times are not create the surprise, the opposite also makes "bullet train" embarrassing guest self damage led to the FedEx main is broken-point match point surges to victory for Tsonga.
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